Assurant Primary Flood Insurance is the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) alternative that offers simplicity and peace of mind. Assurant is one of the largest providers for NFIP coverage and we believe that homeowners should have the option to choose the coverage that is right for their family because flood coverage is not always “one size fits all.” With coverages higher than the NFIP and some other private flood providers, your customer can obtain solid coverage at
a reasonable price. Assurant also provides dedicated claims management so they can be confident they are working with a company that is committed to delivering high quality flood solutions now and for the long term.

In the table below, we’ve highlighted some key differences between FEMA NFIP insurance and Assurant’s Primary Flood Insurance:



Assurant Primary Flood Insurance FEMA NFIP Flood Insurance
ELIGIBILITY Eligible Flood Zones: A and V zones A and V zones
TYPES OF DWELLINGS Single family homes and 2 to 4 family homes
Primary and Secondary with replacement cost coverage
Single family homes and 2 to 4 family homes
Primary homes with replacement cost coverage, Secondary homes on actual cash value basis
COVERAGES Building Limit:
Contents Limit:
Food Spoilage:
Available under certain conditions
Number of Questions:
Eligibility Determination:
14 days
After 5 questions
30 days
more than 50
After completion of full application
Yes. All FEMA NFIP surcharges apply